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SPIRITULIZED engages with those it helps through front-line community and street based youth work and also provides support through schools. The aim of all SPIRITULIZED's programs is to provide holistic pastoral care to young people, inspire them to make the necessary changes to take control of their own lives again and encourage them to make positive life choices.


Through our detached youth work we work with young people ‘where they’re at’. These times provide positive opportunities for young people who, for a wide variety of reasons, can be found ‘hanging out’ in parks and open spaces. Through conversation support, a listening ear, information, advice and guidance can be offered.


Those involved in the project have a proven track record in supporting a large number of young people through a wide variety of issues, including bereavement, relationship problems, pregnancy, self-harm, substance abuse, educational issues and bullying. While supporting individuals we are able to successfully impact the wider community through alleviating the negative effects of social issues such as crime, anti-social behaviour, mental distress, low aspirations and self esteem.


If necessary, young people will be connected to the appropriate professionals and supported by our team for as long as they wish.